Best Online Business For Students With No(Minimal) Investment

Do you have passion to start your business as a student?

Do you have lack of investment?

   But you can change your passion into truth even if you have no proper source of investment.

  However I always wondered to earn some side income while studying, but it was only a night dream for me. 

But one day when I was surfing onto internet I mistakenly landed on a page with the topic “How to earn money Online” and that was the day when I started blogging.

  So today I would tell you about 10 online businesses which you can start as a student with no or minimal investment and also earn handful of money from it.

Best Online Businesses With No(Minimal) Investment

1. Blogging(No or small investment)


In the recent past blogging was a very big deal for an ordinary person with no knowledge of SEO.

But recently you can open and start a blog only in 10 minutes.However there are many fully free platforms for blogging such as blogspot. 

You can also go for paid hostings and domain name such as wordpress and go daddy but if you are a newbie I would recommend you to use blogger.

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 You can make a blog on many topics as follows:

  • Fashion
  • Make Money Online
  • Health
  • Tech
  • Lifestyle
  • Travelling
  • Food
  • Pet care

You can also monetize your blog in many ways most common of which are Google Adsense, by displaying ads on your blog), affiliate marketing(by selling products of others on a commission basis), online courses, paid reviews etc.

2. Affiliate Marketing(No Investment)

The business of affiliate marketing has also grown up with the development of retail selling websites such as Amazon, Flipkart and Commission junction.

Firstly you should know about the meaning of affiliate marketing.

It is a commission based job in which you refer a user to buy merchant’s product by your own unique link and when the purchase is made you get a percentage of sale as commission.

 Earning potential in this platform is limitless.

 You can start doing affiliate marketing in four simple steps-

  • Open an account with any affiliate program like Amazon and Commission Junction.
  • Pick a product of your choice which you want to promote.
  • Now, you should promote your product by creating a blog (suggested), social media sites, youtube and paid ads.
  • When someone makes a purchase from your link you earn a commission.

3. Freelancing(No investment)

Freelancing is a type of self owned business in which you work for others on a project basis and get paid for the work done by you.

You could become a freelancer for providing any service in which you are skilled like photography, writing,designing, software development and many more.

   For becoming a freelancer you can enroll yourself in certain freelancing websites for free and get clients by providing your contact details and your skills which you want to freelance.

Here is a list of some popular freelancing websites which could help you to get clients for your service:

  • Freelancer
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • 99 designs
  • Toptal
  • Guru

4. Website Flipping(Less Investment)

Website flipping has also become a profitable business and it would always be going to expand in this digital world.

It is a business in which you buy a domain and work on it’s SEO, traffic development and designing ang then selling it at a higher price.

However website flipping is better than domain name flipping in many terms such as investment, profit margin, risk and many more.

You can also sell it on your own website by publishing a selling page and giving your cntact information alongwith 


 you can submit your website in registrats like Godaddy and Namescheap.

5. Ghost Writing(No Investment)


Do you want to earn but don’t know about ghost writing? 

It is advanced writing in which you make speeches, articles, paragraphs, blog writing and even books for others i.e

 they are published in their name and you earn a fees from your clients.

It is written as ghost because you are not credited for your work at all.However you can also earn a living from it.

 I know many ghost writers who are earning more than 4000$ from it and you can also become one of them.

You can also become a ghost writer by following simple steps-
  1. Firstly become a freelance writer. It helps in getting clients for your work.
  2. Make your own writers website and identify your skills and work to get new clients.
  3. Provide answers to questions in quora and yahoo answers as a ghost writer.
  4. Become an author as it displays you as a professional. You can also write an ebook rather than rendering huge costs.
  5. Write guest posts in famous blogs and then ask them for ghostwriting services. They will certainly say yes if they liked your guest post.

6. Podcasting(Minimal Investment)

Podcasting is becoming very popular nowadays due to it’s wide reach and some type of privacy.

 Podcast is a media file which a user can download in order to listen to it. 

The word originated as pod(from ipod) and cast(from broadcast).

 You can also monetize your podcast by a number of ways and most prominent of them are:

  • Paid reviews on products
  • Sponsorships
  • Running ads on podcast audio screen
  • Public Speaking
  • Merge it’s content with your blog or youtube channel.

If you want to start podcasting you should follow these simple steps-

  • Choose a name and subtitle for your podcast.
  • Choose a relevant cover image for it.
  • Get podcasting equipments such as mic, software to record and edit it.
  • Get a podcast hosting such as Anchor, Soundcloud and Buzzsprout.
  • Creating your first podcast.
  • Submitting your podcasts to be displayed to users in google podcasts, itunes and soundcloud.

 Now you are all set to setup your brand in the field of podcasting.

7. Online Surveys(No investment)

You can also earn by completing online surveys and you only need is a computer(mobile) and an internet connection.

There are many websites in which you can get a number of surveys and you earn 1$ to 21$ for each survey. 

Your only work is to patiently give simple answers to survey.

Sites from which you can get surveys to earn money are Swagbucks,Your Surveys and Opinion World.

8. Youtubing(Less Investment)


You can also start making youtube videos and earn money from it. It has become a very good platform for side earnings. 

       The equipments required to start a youtube channel is a camera, mic and a pc(you can also use mobile for this).

You can also monetize your youtube channel in the form of ads, paid reviews, product reviews and affiliate marketing.

9. Online Selling(Less Investment)

In the age of internet, online selling has gone through a large progress and is still growing.

You can also sell your products online by creating your own website or by creating a seller A/C in sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and Commission Junction.

   Indeed for selling online you don’t need a pack of products in a warehouse and huge investment but you only need is to effectively describe your product, exciting discounts and good images so that customer clicks on your product over others products.

10. Online Courses(Minimal Investment)

You can also start your paid online courses and earn income.

This field is ver challenging but if your course becomes popular and is informative it would yield money for a very long time. 

You first need to think of a topic in which you are expert like affiliate marketing, cyber security, blogging and many more.

Then you should make video tutorials and host it on your blog or other platforms like Udemy and Teachable.

You can also market your online courses with the help of ads and social media which doesn’t cost a lot.

 You can start your online courses by choosing niche of your choice.

  So now you can choose from any of these businesses and become your own boss.

If you want to start your own business now is the right time. Take your move and build your business online.

Also tell me in the comments which business proposal you liked the most.

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