Hey there, I am Jatin Bansal.

I am a professional digital marketer and blogger from India. I love my work as you get as much work flexibility as you need and you can work anytime and anywhere.

We also help people and small businesses develop their online brands and earn money online through digital assets such as blogs and social media.

How I Started My Blog?

Back in 2017, I was completely unaware of blogging and all.

I did not even know that one could earn money online. But then I came to know about blogging and how you can earn money from it.

Then after gathering some knowledge about it from YouTube, I started a free BlogSpot blog about Healthy food and Lifestyle tips.

But, after some time I left that blog as I have chosen the wrong niche as I knew only a little about it and I was completely unaware of getting traffic from social media, SEO, and more.

After that, I started one more blog and left it after some time as I was not taking it seriously.

But as you know failure is key to success.

Then I started watching YouTube videos on blogging and SEO and learned all about search rankings, SEO, backlink building, and getting traffic to the blog.

But, I met with many obstacles and difficulties in the time I was learning blogging from scratch.

How I Started Discoverthetech.com?

So after feeling the difficulties on the road to learning digital marketing and blogging, I thought to create a blog that could help people to learn to blog in an easy and simple way.

That is the reason, I started the DiscoverTheTech blog.

Here you will get information about Blogging, SEO, Social Marketing, bloggers, WordPress, Affiliate Marketing, Making Money Online, and the related fields in an easy and descriptive manner.

If you also want to start a blog and want to become your own boss, read our step-to-step posts and articles to create a successful money-making blog.