17 Proven Tips To Increase Website Traffic(Free)

Increase website traffic for free
Have you started a blog with a dream to earn money, but suffering to get traffic to your website besides your every try?

Don’t worry.

Almost, all the bloggers suffer from that in their initial days.

But after reading this article and successfully applying these simple and effective strategies, you would not have to worry about your website traffic.

These proven and tested tips would help you to increase your website traffic fast.

Not only that,

Your blog CTR and conversions will also increase as the traffic you will get would be targeted, hence increasing your potential earnings.

So, let’s get into it.

17 Quick Tips To Increase Your Website Traffic

I will provide you with 17 proven methods to increase your website traffic fast for free.

These tested tips would help you to get tons of traffic to your blog both, with and without SEO.

So, let’s grab it.

1. Guest Posting

If you succeed in getting your blog post published in one of the popular blogs of your niche, your blog would get a great hike in traffic.

These popular blogs have built a significant audience within time, so the traffic you will get would be highly targeted.

Guest posting also helps in getting quality do-follow backlinks to your blog from authority sites, which helps in getting higher search rankings.

This way, you will manage to get both referral as well as organic traffic to your blog as your rankings will improve.

2. Focus On Long Tail Keywords

If you are spending too much time in creating quality content on your blog and not focusing on keyword research and SEO, it would be a total waste.

So you should spend time finding keywords with low keyword difficulty and high search volumes.

Targeting broad keywords in your posts could get your organic search traffic to zero as many big players with high domain rankings
are currently capturing the market.

And it’s impossible for a new website to beat the competition.

So you should focus on finding long-tail keywords with low competition.

You can use a free SEO tool like Ubersuggest to find keywords.

But, if you want more detailed results, I suggest you use Semrush for that.

Here’s how you can do it

Let’s suppose that our keyword is ‘healthy food’.

So I will enter my keyword in Semrush keyword magical tool

It would show you up all matching keywords to your parent word.

For making this process easier, you can use the advanced filters option to remove irrelevant keywords from the list.

The best suggestions are to keep keyword difficulty less than 55(in “to” section) and search volume more than 900(in “from” section).

This could  be done as follows

keyword research on semrush
This way your keyword list will narrow down and it would become easier to select your target keywords.

Bonus Tip– You can also create a free account on Semrush and use it with limited features.

How to get a free account?

Click here and sign up for Semrush. After that, a webpage would appear asking for the free trial.

But, you have to click on skip trial and your free account is ready.

However, you can upgrade to paid plans anytime you want.

3. Upgrade Your Old Blog Posts

I know that writing new blog posts is time-consuming.

So, why not leverage your old blog posts to get organic traffic to your blog.

You can upgrade your old blog posts by adding new strategies, sections, images, screenshots, and deleting out the outdated strategies.

However, you can also add FAQ’s section to your post as it increases the chances of your blog post rank for specific queries and questions.

For the best results, head towards Google Search Console and find your average posts and find keywords they get the most traffic from.

Then try adding those keywords within your content to improve your rankings.

4. Write Catchy Headlines

If you are not creating magnetic headlines, your online marketing venture would fail besides your descriptive content and strategies.

You have to create headlines that are irresistible and provoke the reader’s interest.

So that your blog CTR increases and hence your traffic.

While creating headlines, you need to take the following things into action-
  • Write headlines that include numbers.
  • Use powerful words like “secret”, “proven”, “best” and “hidden” in your titles.
  • When including numbers in your headlines always use odd numbers as they have more CTR according to numbers psychology.
  • Write easy to understand headlines.

5. Use Power Of Email Marketing

Nowadays, I see that most of the newbie bloggers only focus on getting traffic to their blog and not retain it.

Suppose, a person visited your site and went back and never returned.

So, traffic like this is useless in long run.

You should have a plan for converting your traffic into the audience.

You could create a free ebook or a free email course and grab their email addresses in return.

This way you can build a huge audience for your blog.

You can use email marketing tools like Convertkit for building your email list and moreover it’s free.

Pro tip- After getting a decent amount of subscribers, you could upgrade to a paid plan and send emails in automation to earn while sleeping.

6. Create Your Community On Facebook

Facebook marketing tips for increasing free traffic

Facebook is the largest social media platform out with over 2.50 billion traffic every month.

You can reach a great audience using Facebook marketing and you can also create a community out and build your brand.

Create A Facebook Page

If you have started a new blog, creating a Facebook page will help you to direct traffic to your blog in the initial days.

It will also help you in getting your posts indexed faster, as Google also takes care of social signals.

Facebook page also helps you in getting traffic to old blog posts.

You can mold your Facebook post in different ways and provide a link to your old posts to flower them up.

Create Your Own Facebook Group

If you want to increase your reach further on Facebook and build a highly engaged community, I recommend you to start a Facebook group.

As compared to fan pages, Facebook groups have much higher engagement rates.

There’s one more benefit of a Facebook group over a page.

Once your Facebook group attains good users, it could develop on its own as it is community-based.


That’s not the case on the Facebook page.

You have to manage it on your own. 

Pro Tip – If you really want to make your group successful, you should not only share your blog posts with the audience.

In my Facebook group, I share motivation posts, blogging tips, and also run polls to get good engagements.

7. Interlink Your Website Content

Internal links are the hyperlinks from a web page to another page within the same website.

Internal linking also helps in SEO of your website, as when ranking websites in search engines, it also takes care of internal links your webpage got.

On the other hand, it also helps in reducing your bounce rate as visitors stay a long time on your site navigating to other posts.

It also helps google access your site easily and improves the user experience of your blog, by making your posts more informative.

Best practice while linking your posts internally is to use the descriptive and most specific keywords as anchor text.

8. Improve Your Website Speed

Reducing your website loading time is both essential for maintaining good user experience as well as for SEO.

A recent stat has shown that 60% of users revert back from your website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

Hence, increasing your bounce rate.

So, improving your website speed could also help in reducing bounce rate and improve your rankings.

9. Use Google Question Hub

Back in 2019, Google has announced a medium for bloggers to get known about the unanswered questions on the web.

According to SearchEngineLand, 15% of the queries asked on Google every day have never been asked before.

So it provides great opportunities for bloggers to rank on the unanswered questions on Google.

It also makes your keyword research process easier.

However, finding questions from it is super easy and you could do it as follows-
  • Firstly sign up to question hub with your Google Search Console account.
  • Then select the site you have verified with Search Console or you can also add a new site.
  • Select your desired category and topics.
  • Now, start finding questions by searching for topics you can answer and then paste the link to your posts in it and click on submit.

This simple method alone could help you to increase your traffic by over 40%.

10. Interview Influencers

Interviewing the leaders in the industry not only helps you to increase your traffic but also helps to create industry relations.

If you research out, you will get plenty of influencers ready to accept interview proposals in only one go.

You have to just send appealing outreach emails to the industry leaders and create a list of interesting questions that provide value.

After your interview gets published, share it with them and they will ultimately share it with their users.

Hooray! You will get plenty of traffic from them.

11. Use Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design
A responsive theme is a theme which molds your website content to be fit in different devices with different screen sizes.

The need for responsive web design has increased over time due to an increase in mobile users on the web.

According to Google, more than 50% of web traffic now comes from mobile users.

So, you can’t afford to neglect such a huge proportion of traffic.

If you are using WordPress, I recommend you use Genesis or Astra theme.

Note– If using Blogspot, you can download any free theme from sites such as gooyaabi templates but always check if it is responsive or not.

12. Get Traffic From Pinterest

According to SearchEngineLand, Pinterest is the 6th largest social media platform in 2020 as is still progressing.

Not only that, it has the highest conversion rate than any other platform.

So, if you want to take your social traffic to next level, you should use Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog.

But in order to be successful on Pinterest, you have to pin strategically and you have to optimize your pins with keywords just as you do in for ranking your posts on Google.

But competition on Pinterest is much less than that.

Pro tip– I recommend you to use Tailwind, a social media scheduling app to post your pins strategically and it is also beginner-friendly.

Click here to get your first month of Tailwind for free worth $15.

13. Conduct Contests And Giveaways

Whoever doesn’t like free products and services?

Of course, everyone likes it.

It’s the reason that conducting contests and giveaways could help you in getting huge traffic to your blog.

Along with traffic generation, you can also ask the users to give their emails, get links, follow your social media accounts, share your blog, and many more.

Most commonly, users won’t hesitate to fulfill your requirements because of the greed to get free stuff.

14. Add Social Sharing Buttons

Adding social media sharing buttons to your posts and pages would eventually increase the number of shares your post gets.

It also makes your web pages look more attractive and appealing, which would increase user engagement on your website.

However, I have often seen posts with higher social shares rank higher in search results.

If you are using WordPress, you can use Social Snap plugin to create attractive social media sharing buttons on your blog.

15. Repost Your Content On Medium

Medium is an online publishing and blogging platform launched back in 2012.

Over time it has achieved great success and has over 60 million monthly active users.

The best benefit of medium is that you don’t need to create new content out, while you can import your blogposts as medium stories.

You can do it as in the screenshots below.

1. Firstly, sign in to your account and click on your profile picture> stories.

Increase free website traffic from medium

2. Now click on stories> import and paste your post link and a page would appear with your post

Increase free website traffic from medium

So, before publishing your article on medium, you can edit it and add images and more.

However, along with traffic generation, it also helps in getting nofollow backlink to your site from medium with domain authority of 96.

Pro Tip– If you want to get maximum engagement on Medium, try to reach out to publications having considerable followers and get your posts shown to their audience.

16. Use Quora 

Quora is the most popular Q&A website on the web right now.

A Q&A website is a place where users ask questions and the community answers them based on their knowledge.

The traffic you will get from Quora would be highly targeted having more conversion rates.

There are many quora marketing strategies you can follow.

To showcase your brand on Quora, you need to be active on the platform and provide quality and descriptive answers.

Your main focus should be on providing value and not only getting links.

Write exhaustive answers and link to your content where it makes sense.

Pro Tip– To get maximum results, try to find questions with an answer-follow ratio of 1:4, which means that for at least 4 followers there is 1 answer, as it increases your chances of getting more views and upvotes.

17. Write In-Depth Posts

I know that writing long-form and in-depth posts seem difficult and time-consuming, but it has many more benefits than it’s negative sides.

According to research, it has been proved that the posts which are long-form i.e >2500 words rank higher than those with low word count.

That’s the SEO benefit of publishing long-form content.

Long-form content also wins in getting more shares.

According to Buzzsumo, the most shared content is between 3000-10,000 long.

One more benefit

If you are writing long and in-depth posts on your blog, users will notice you as an expert in the industry and your authority would increase.


So, these are the tactics a beginner could use to increase traffic to his website.

These strategies are simple but yet more effective and powerful.

I have used these strategies and they worked really great for me.

Using Google Question Hub could alone increase your organic traffic by over 40%.

So, do try these strategies out to increase your traffic and keep on rocking.

Please share this post with your friends and community as it encourages me to produce more content like this. 

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