8 Top Blogging Mistakes Every Newbie Makes


Making mistakes is a common human nature and although one only learns by making mistakes.

But in such a competitive field of digital marketing, making some vital mistakes could suffer you a lot.

Anyway, you should always keep a check on such issues of your blog to maintain good traffic and increase the conversion rate of your blog.

Most of the newbies always think that blogging is only writing and writing content, but in the modern approach, the game has changed a lot.

Nowadays if you want organic traffic to your blog, only writing quality content would not work.

Ranking your blog in google search now needs many SEO tricks, keyword research, analyzing your current audience, and retargeting them.

So these multiple tasks enroll bloggers into some mistakes which are irreversible in nature and have a very bad impact on your blog’s ranking and audience.

8 Top Blogging Mistakes Every Newbie Makes

1. Writing inconsistently

According to a recent study, 70% of the new bloggers quit their passion because they are not able to get consistency in their work.

Firstly many people refer to consistency as writing daily, but it means making a complete posting schedule and stick to it.

In the second place, it is important to develop a habit of reading for your subscribers according to your specific schedule.

If you publish inconsistently your users themselves would be in the confusion that when would the articles be published in your blog.

The main reason for inconsistent writing is that a new blogger goes missing with ideas and topics for writing your blog articles.

For this purpose, you can use many tricks to get trending topics and ideas for your blog. 

I myself prefer Google trends for writing on topics that are trending.

Although you can also get topics for your blog by using google search. As you search for a keyword, google always shows related search queries at the end of the page.

Consistent writing is also good for SEO as search engines love new content and help in ranking and branding of your blog.

2. Not Making An Email List


Firstly what is an email list?

So email list is definitely a list of emails of your blog visitors that you get when they subscribe to your blog or make any contact or transaction with you.

Maintaining an email list is important because of the results it provides. Email lists generate 60% more engagement than any other platform like Facebook, Instagram, or even twitter.

But most of the new bloggers forget to generate efficient email lists and their business remains infant as well.

Solution- You can make your email list efficient and effective in the following ways-
1. As we know that nothing comes for free in this world. So in order to make a visitor subscribe to your blog, you should provide something valuable like a free ebook, discounts, and more.

2. Make a subscription to your blog easily. So you should provide floating email subscription buttons at landing pages of your blog.

3. Always try to send personalized messages and emails to your subscribers as it promotes the bondedness b/w you and customers.
Sending personalized emails means communicating with the subscribers with their name rather than using you or yours.

4. Always keep upgrading your email list. Differentiate your active and inactive email subscribers.

For engagement of inactive subscribers, you should send them a message of your new services and exciting offers.

So, email marketing could help you to get a greater response from your audience than any other marketing measure.

You can make email marketing easy by using plugins like optinmonster and WP Notification Bar to make your blog subscription easy for the audience and helps in increasing conversion rate.

Optinmonster helps to add your email box buttons in sidebars, floating footer buttons, and full-page forms.

And WP Notification Bar allows you to add anti popups similar to the title bar in your desktop screen.

 You can add an email notification and subscription bar at the top of your blog without disturbing your visitors as in popups.

3. Only Relying On Organic Traffic

Most of the people think that blogging includes only writing posts and readers will come thoroughly to you.

But the truth is somewhat bitter?

More than 3 million blog posts are published every day.

So, how can you think of getting natural visitors to your blog post as there are many big players in the game?

I know that organic traffic is the best source but totally hanging on it is most dangerous for one’s blog.

So you should use other platforms and social apps to get traffic to your blog.

 You can post your blog posts on social platforms like Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, Whatsapp, twitter and Tumblr.

However, if your blog post gets traffic from these platforms, your blog will automatically start getting organic traffic.

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4. Not Understanding Your Audience

Many bloggers fail to approach their audience even after becoming a player in the game of digital marketing.

Most of the bloggers always prefer themselves as a priority and they lack the ability to understand their audience. 

They lack thinking that why the audience would visit their blog if you are not adding value to their life or work.

So you must understand the needs and problems of your audience and post new content accordingly. 

You should always remind that “Audience is selfish of their own interest” and the time you are able to provide value for your audience, your blog will stand good and otherwise not.

So, now how you can feel the needs and problems of your audience?

  • Traffic analytics could greatly help in understanding your audience as you could know about your audience likes and dislikes by analyzing traffic on different posts.
  • You could also approach your audience directly by asking them to comment on their problems and topics. 

5. Bombarding Your Blog with Ads

Most of the bloggers start putting ads everywhere to earn money from their blog but they are only destroying the future presence of their blog.
If more ads are placed on a website visitors often get frustrated by these ads and end up losing your blog forever. 

It also adds to an increased bounce rate.

However, we all know that websites are made to earn income, but you should use ads in a well-designed way to earn money.

Also, there are many other good alternatives such as affiliate marketing, writing sponsored content, and selling your own books and courses.

The most effective and best measure to earn money is through selling your own courses and ebooks as it adds value to your blog along with an efficient earning scale.

If you are using ads network to earn money you should do it in such a way that it does not frustrate users and is related to your blog.

This is the basic agenda behind Google Adsense making it the best ads network in the world.

6. Not Writing Long-Form Content

If you feel panic when heard about writing 2000 or 3000+ words content?

I know that writing long-form content sucks as it takes time but long-form content provides much more results than short blog posts.

For an instance, all the top blog posts on Google’s first three pages are 2000 or 2000+ words. 

So this provides the idea that long-form content is much more efficient for SEO and users as visitors seem to get more in-depth knowledge about their problems.

Long-form content writing is not somewhere a very difficult task and it needs only patience and a positive perspective.

Now the question arises that how to add quantity to your blog post?

You can do it by adding more in-depth knowledge about your topic and its related terms.

The most effective way of adding length to your blog is by providing solutions to the specific problems at every stage.

It also generates user interest in your blog along with long content.

7. Not Making A Specific Schedule

Making a minor change in your posting schedule could result in a huge loss of traffic to your website.

And regaining that traffic is not as easy as losing it. 

So you should always stick to your posting schedule and make pre-planned posts so that they could be used in case of any emergency.

Most of the new bloggers always make this mistake which further affects them a lost.

It occurs either due to inconsistency or neglect.

So, you can use WordPress schedules posting mechanism to overcome this problem. 

This mechanism works in a way that if you save a draft by scheduling its date and time of publishing, it would automatically be published on that date.

So you should always keep extra posts so that they could be used in times of emergency.

8. Making A Universal Niche Blog

The first and the most common mistake which you could make as a blogger, is not choosing a specific niche.

So making blog posts on so many topics would misconduct both the SEO robots and users.

It would lead to less traffic to your blog over time as your blog would neglect expertise that all the visitors and search engines are hungry for.
One more tactic in favor of choosing a specific niche is that it has a very less bounce rate.

So you should certainly take time to choose a specific niche for your blog as it will only decide the future of your blogging carrier.

For choosing a niche for your blog you should focus on the following points-

  • Choose a niche about which you have in-depth knowledge.
  • You should also focus on competition in that specific niche and take a niche with less competition.
  • With regards to competition, always check current traffic insights of your niche


So, making mistakes is human nature and no one could escape from it. 

But there’s always a solution to a mistake. So move ahead and get on to your dreams.

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