42 Proven Ways To Generate Quality Backlinks


Seo is divided into two parts offsite SEO and onsite SEO and both are equally important for ranking your blog.

Off-site SEO mainly consists of link building strategies and social networking. It also includes many other aspects but link building is most important.

So in this post, I would tell you about how to generate quality backlinks for your blog.

Backlinks are links to your site that indicate search engines to rank your site higher and improve your domain authority. 

Earlier bloggers always focused on building backlinks but after the Google Penguin update in 2012,

 the quality of the backlinks became the main agenda as in this algorithm Google was successful in recognizing spammy and black SEO links and then decreasing the rankings of websites using these tactics.

In this post, I would tell you only about how to generate quality backlinks.

41 Proven Ways To Generate Quality Backlinks

1. Broken Link Building

Use the broken link building method to get backlinks as it is the best method out at present. 

It works on the fact that every popular website has a number of 404 error pages which adds to poor user experience.

 So a genuine blogger would always like to reduce these error pages as quickly as possible as if a user is encountered with a 404 page he would quickly push the back button which would increase the bounce rate which has a very bad impact on Seo.

And there your work starts. 

Firstly find some of the popular websites of your niche and then find broken links(404 error pages) on that website using tools like Ahrefs and Semrush.

 But don’t forget to switch on the dofollow filter in search as your main focus is on getting a dofollow link to your site.

Once you get to know about broken links then all you have to do is to find the developer’s personal email if possible and email him with the information about broken link in his website and humbly request him to put your link related to a similar topic in place of that broken link.

There are 90% chances that the website owner would include your link in his post and this way you can get a number of quality backlinks to rank your site higher in the web search.

2. You should start doing Guest Blogging in famous blogs of your niche as if your blog gets published the amount of traffic you will get would be unimaginable.

3. Submit your website in online forums such as Digital Point Forum and provide your blog’s link in forum signatures.

4. By commenting on dofollow blogs and providing your website’s link in it.

5. Getting enrolled in discussion boards such as quora as you can mention your website’s link as a source while providing answers.

6. Make your own e-books and publish it on kindle store(Amazon). You can also publish a free version as it would be promoted fastly.

7. You can submit your blog in certain online directories but quality matters here such as www.alistsites.com and

8. Interlink your blogposts by providing links to your posts.

9. Submitting your blog posts in social bookmarking sites such as Pinterest and Reddit.

10. Exchanging links of your blog with the bloggers of your niche and making relationships.

11. Make controversial posts in your niche as these can get you high traffic from social networking sites and quality backlinks.

12. Mail to top bloggers of your niche asking them to provide a link to your site in their site but you should also mention favour to them in return as it only works on the idea of give and take.

13. Start making presentations related to your niche and publish them in Slideshare and also providing a link to your site in it.

If your presentation goes on trending, the profit would be all yours.

14. Make use of press releases to get links as if it would be interesting, you will be getting plenty of quality links. 

For making a press release viral ask an interesting question in your title as it provokes the user to click on your post.

15. By asking questions and giving answers in sites like Yahoo Answers and referring your blog in it.

16. Submit your blogposts in Blogging Communities such as Blog Engage and Inbound.

17. Collect images of your blog post and submit it in image directories and provide your website’s link in the copyright section.

18. Review the products and services of companies of your niche. They will probably link back to you.

19. Add links to other websites in your posts and they would certainly link back to you or you can also contact them for this purpose.

20. Provide free access to newbie bloggers to use your pro tools as a trial and ask them for links.

21. Make posts with titles having numbers in it like(7ways to…).These posts are more likely to be shared by people.

22. Start making podcasts relating to your niche and publish it on iTunes with an embedded link in it.

23. Start making longer posts with at least 1000+ words as longer posts are more likely to be linked back and it also 
improves Seo of your post.

24. Get backlinks through Infographics.

25. Start making youtube videos and provide a link to your site in description box.

26. Donate to charity sites as they will probably link back to you.

27. Write a blogpost about top bloggers and their achievements. They will definitely link back to you.

28. Become a Wikipedia Editor. This could also help you to get backlinks.

29. Keep an eye on your competitors that how they are getting backlinks and then use the same strategies as they are using to get backlinks.

30. Use skyscraping strategies i.e make your post more valuable and then email to bloggers to add your link in their post in place of other’s posts which you have skyscraped.

31. Make posts titles with the words ‘Ultimate’ and ‘Top’. These posts can get viral easily.

32. Trade posts with bloggers of your niche. Backlinks would ultimately find you.

33. Submit your posts in Facebook groups.

34. Use social networking sites such as Twitter, Google Plus to make your posts viral. 

Always use related hashtags while posting on these sites.

35. Start blogging contests on your blog involving prizes for winners.

 This can also help your link profile move to the next stage.

36. By making a WordPress plugin and providing a link back to your site in it. 

This could also generate huge traffic.

37. Create new posts and try to be the first to write on that topic.

38. Write the content of high quality and the backlinks will automatically follow you.

39. Write posts about Exciting Offers and Tricks. These posts generate high-quality backlinks.

40. Request the companies with whom you are having good relationships at present to promote your site provide links to your posts.

41. Contact the influencers of your niche to review your blog and if your posts seem to them as the high quality they will ultimately link back to you.

42. Create posts with your life experience like ‘My Income Report’ as these posts have more chances to get quality links.


So these are the strategies that can help you to create backlinks. 
 But your main focus should not be on gettings links but on your overall link profile.

 You should focus on getting links from sites having high DA and high domain authority and avoid spammy tactics to get links.

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